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Hi there! I'm Gillian (or G if you prefer), and this is G Learning Services. I select tutors with decades of tutoring and teaching experience at a variety of levels with a variety of ages. Our global team members are qualified, experienced, reliable and adaptable. We view education as a fundamental human right, and cannot wait to help you achieve your goals!

We have been working in both the US, and South East Asia for many years now. We work to bring our passion for education to every corner of the globe. When you pay for your lessons, you are also helping to sponsor the lessons for students in Cambodia who cannot afford private lessons. 

What you can expect:

You can expect to always be engaged. Our classes are tailored to your interests, goals and objectives. You can expect dynamic classes. You can expect to think. You can expect challenges. You can expect to work hard. You can expect to laugh. You can expect to grow.  You can expect a consistent relationship with a tutor based on trust, and the mutual desire for you to succeed!

What we expect:

We expect you to want to learn. We expect a relationship based on mutual respect, communication, and a shared learning experience. We expect you to be you!

Classes Offered:

English Language Learning

Our ELL tutors are TESOL qualified, with years of experience working with Non-Native English speakers at all levels. Many with experience working as classroom teachers for Pre-school, Kindergarten, 3rd/4th grade, High School, and University levels. They also have worked as a private tutors for students aged 2-67 from Beginner to Business level. As a language learner myself, I know what it takes to succeed and have fun while doing it! Our tutors have been selected with this in mind. 

Test Prep

Experienced in preparing students for TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT and many more!

Subject Tutoring

We offer classes in: Literature, Reading, Writing, Maths, Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Social Sciences, Humanities, and Languages (Russian, French, Spanish, Khmer, Bulgarian, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, Swahili and Igbo). If you have a need that we cannot provide, we will connect you with someone who can. 



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Recent Recommendations from Classes

Whitney from the USA

"Gillian helped me improve my essay planning and writing skills. She provided me with great advice for breaking down my essays into a proper timeline. Thanks to Gillian, I am now able to approach my assignments with less stress. With her guidance to avoid procrastination, I now complete my essays on time without pulling all-nighters."

Sangbaek from South Korea

Sangbaek worked for a very prestigious NGO called KOICA. We worked on editing his professional documents, giving speeches and practicing conversation. He got a promotion and is now travelling around the world feeling confident in his English!

Lavy from Cambodia

"I am so happy with my classes. When I started I didn't know English at all, and now I can talk to foreigners in English. I will go to New Zealand soon and cannot to talk to everyone! She helped me with my homework and brought her own lessons too. She is very easy to talk to and makes the classes fun.


Moises from Spain

Moises came to Cambodia from Spain and was very nervous because he needed to get a job and didn't speak English or Khmer! After our classes, he was able to get his dream job and make more friends in the country. He said he loved that our classes were versatile and creative!

Yan from China

"So happy to start learning English. At the beginning, I was shy and my English was poor. I didn't dare to speak English but G helped me improve my speaking and reading skills. She guided me to speak more English. Now, I can talk to foreigners and speak more. Thank you G because for me, you are like a friend and a teacher!"

Megumi from Japan

"I came to the USA and was so nervous about my son's English. He wanted to make friends but didn't know how to understand them or his teacher. G helped give him confidence. I took classes with G and raised my IELTS score by 2.5 points!"